Through a wide range of products & services, Ananta has earned the goodwill of reputed brands from across the globe. Producing over 20.4 million pieces of garments per year, it is among the largest vendors in Bangladesh for both Gap and H&M. Ananta has consistently excelled with a strong performance record of 30% annual growth over the last few years, and has earned several awards & recognitions such as the Bangladesh "Best Exporter Award" in 2002 and the Walmart "Best Vendor Award" in 2004. 

Ananta's success is rooted in its investments in human capital and world class manufacturing facilities. We possess the skills, experience, infrastructure and financial strength necessary to attain customer satisfaction through excellence in product quality, flexibility and cost competitiveness. The company is always exploring new markets across the world with an experienced perspective, contemporary professionalism and high-end technology. Ananta Group welcomes all our prospective customers to visit and evaluate our factories firsthand.

Ananta is a trendsetter in the apparels industry. We provide the highest value products and services possible to our customers. We seek to foster long term relationships with our partners and provide industry leading benefits and opportunities to our employees.

To extend its position as a world-class manufacturer, Ananta strives to achieve global standards in quality, cost, service and scale of operation. We are focused on using innovative processes, technologies & machines to manufacture the finest products at a reasonable cost. By being responsive to our customers requirements and anticipating changes in market trends, we hope to provide a superior level of service than they are accustomed to. We are committed to the success of all the partners that we work with and try best to accommodate their needs. Finally, we believe that our employees are our greatest assets and invest in their welfare and development during and beyond the time that they work for us.